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NCAEA recognizes leaders among its members with its Awards Program. If you know of an art educator or Friend of the Arts, please take time to nominate them. Because we are unified with NAEA, many of our state award recipients are nominated for national awards.

Our organization believes in quality professional development. Each year, we hold an art auction at our conference. The proceeds provide scholarships ( see Bobbi Bowman Scholarship Application below)  for members to attend workshops or take courses to improve their artistic knowledge and skills.

In addition, we conduct an annual fall professional development state conference and spring regional workshops. Members, who are leaders, run workshops and presentations. The myriad of offerings gives members a chance to customize their professional development to meet their individual needs. Many of our members are artists in their own right, so each year we host a Members Exhibit and Suitcase Sale at our conference.


NCAEA Scholarship Application Bobbi Bowman

Application deadlines are March 5th or October 5th. Use the above hyperlink to submit a application. Scholarships are awarded for professional development classes, workshops for an NCAEA member. The amount will not exceed $500.00

History of the Naming of the Scholarship Fund to the  Bobbi Bowman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Bobbi Bowman  was the NCAEA Newsletter Editor  in 1996. Her unexpected death shocked the members of NCAEA.  Bobbi,  Mrs. Barbara Forrest Bowman,  age 62 died  early Christmas morning at New Hanover Regional Medical Center.  She moved  to Wilmington in 1979 from PA and was an art teacher at Williston Middle School in Wilmington. She was survived by sons John Bowman , III  (Jack) a sales rep and Bruce Forrest Bowman  an architect, who made a contribution of $100.00 to NCAEA.  Her school’s PTA  also made a $50.00 donation to NCAEA.

The board requested and approved that the scholarship award be named NCAEA Bobbi Bowman Memorial Scholarship Fund.   Two certificates were designated and sent to that years recipients.

The first recipients of the scholarship fund were Libby Scandale and Pat Kincheloe Morrison



Nominate an outstanding art educator and friend of the arts to recognize their commitment and contributions to the visual arts in North Carolina. Friends of the arts awards will be recognized in two categories and do not have to be members of NCAEA/NAEA. All other award nominees must be current members of NCAEA/NAEA to be eligible. Nominations are done online. 

To nominate someone, please include the following in the award nomination online form

□  The nomination form

□  Letter of nomination (1 page) from the nominator (must be an NCAEA member)

□  The nominee’s information including a list of accomplishments demonstrating how the nominee meets the award criteria

□  Additional data and/or supporting documentation (optional)

DEADLINE for nominations is August 1st, 2015,  to be awarded at the Professional Development Conference in Asheville,  Nov. 5-8, 2015




Friends of the Arts I

NC Principals or Administrators

Non-member NCAEA, Nominee has record of supporting the visual arts in his/her schools (no vita required)

Friends of the Arts II

Corporations, community people, organizations, groups

Non-member NCAEA, significant contributions to the visual arts in North Carolina (no vita required)

NCAEA Art Educator of the Year (NAEA State Art Educator of the Year)


Outstanding contributions and achievements within North Carolina

COMC’s Ester Page Hill Award


Strong and consistent support of multi-ethnic art education

NCAEA/NAEA Special Needs Art Educator

NCAEA/NAEA Members who teach students with special needs

Significant contribution to students with special needs in the visual arts

NCAEA/NAEA State, Regional and National Division Awards for Art Education

NCAEA/NAEA Members within a division in NC: Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Higher Ed, Museum, Supervision/ Administration, Retired

Significant contribution to an individual’s division in the visual arts

NCAEA Rookie Teacher of the Year

NCAEA Members who are Beginning Teachers (BT 1, 2, or 3)

An exemplary initial contribution

by a BT who demonstrates the potential for development

NCAEA/NAEA Student Chapter Sponsor


Sponsors of College/University
Student Chapters

An exemplary student chapter

Please include a list of activities

National Junior High Art Honor Society Sponsor

NCAEA/NAEA Members, Sponsors of National Junior High Art Honor Society

An exemplary student chapter

Please include a list of activities

National Art Honor Society Sponsor


Sponsors of National Art Honor Society

An exemplary student chapter

Please include a list of activities


Nominations must be submitted online by August 1, 2015 for consideration for Awards at the 2015 Conference.

Please email Aimee Mills, NCAEA Awards Coordinator, <> for assistance

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